"The Ryan Rag" is the newsletter of Clan Ryan Australia and is currently mailed to members quarterly. It relies on member contributions to provide current and historical content. Trials are underway of sending out the Rag in electronic form as an email attachment (more on this option soon). This page gives contact details for making your contribution and contains past newsletters that can be downloaded.

The Editor of "The Ryan Rag" is Berniece Ryan-Charles. The editor can be contacted via email or via the contact details provided in the newsletter. Please contact her with any queries or contributions.

All members are encouraged to submit contributions to the quarterly newsletter. Contributions can be about anything from family history stories, anecdotes, current events or anything else that may be of interest to the greater Ryan Family.

  1. All copy to Editor by 8th of month prior to publication.
  2. Editor sends final format to printer by 22nd of that month.
  3. Printer sends magazines to editor by 8th of the next month for post by 15th of month of issue.

Past newsletters can be downloaded by selecting from the list below. The previous newsletter will be added here at the same time the new edition is published. (Please Note: some of these files are quite large and may take while to download)

June 2012

PDF Format

Size 3.1 MB
The convict connection, the Irish Wolfhound, Minutes of Extraordinary AGM and more.

March 2012

PDF Format

Size 3.1 MB
John Ryan of Ballytobin, The future of the Clan, recipes and more.

December 2011

PDF Format

Size 3.1 MB
Ryans of Cappa White, Gill Neilan retires, getting started on your family research, greenedge cycling team and more.

September 2011

PDF Format

Size 3.1 MB
The 'Ryan 1000', John Tighe Ryan, Felting-a great kids activity, games, jokes and more.

June 2011

PDF Format

Size 3.7 MB
Report on annual clan gathering, 100 years of Farming, Kids Kubby, games, jokes and more.

March 2011

PDF Format

Size 5.1 MB
The Queensland Floods, Clan Ryan Gathering to be on 30th April 2011, Kids Kubby and more.

December 2010

PDF Format

Size 4.9 MB
The Melbourne Cup, Birdswing Butterflies, Kids Kubby and more.

June/September 2010

PDF Format

Size 3.7 MB
Notice of AGM meeting Saturday 23rd October. Irish Whiskey Recipes, Wonderful Bananas, kids, humour and more.

December 2009

PDF Format

Size 4.7 MB
The Journey of the WYD Cross, Irish Settlement in Dunstown, Fromelle memorial

September 2009

PDF Format

Size 16.8 MB
Desmond Ryan Story, The Fenian Movement, Artist Ellis Rowan, Meet the President a great success.

June 2009

PDF Format

Size 5.6 MB
The Catalpa Story, Irish Singer Molly Ryan, Kid's Kubby and more

December 2008

PDF Format

Size 6.7 MB
Gaeilge-the language of the Ryans,Fr Bill Fitzgerald's 40 yr vocation, Keep Smiling and more.

Notes on using PDF format documents:

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