This page contains minutes of management meetings and decisions made by the executive to further the goals of the organisation. The entries are in reverse chronological order so that you can easily read the most recent information first.

Waller Castle: Committee decided that the Clan was not in a financial position to support the purchase of the Waller Castle, by the Ryan Clan Ireland. However they would sec for the contact details.

Ryan Memorabilia: Response to offer by Brigid/Victoria to sell to the Clan a series of letters from a Ryan family of the early 1800's was, that the Clan is not in a position to purchase nor display such memorabilia. President will suggest they contact a State Library or other similar organisation.

Clan Ryan Gathering: The Annual Gathering of the Clan will be held at the Brisbane Irish Club on Saturday, 30th April at 10.30AM to 3PM.

AGM 2011: The AGM will be held at the Brisbane Irish Club on Saturday 22 October 2011 at 10.30AM to 3PM in the Harp Room

Etrial: A trial onsending the "Rag" to the executive electronically will be done this issue.

Re-election of Management: Confirmed - Executive Management to keep positions for 3 years (2013) and call for nominations at end of that term. Will provide continuity on projects and development of same.

Our AGM at the Irish Club well attended by 25 members and 7 guests, far exceeding attendances in recent years.

Numerous topics were discussed including:

  1. Resurgence of closer contact with the clans in USA and Ireland.
  2. Moves to restore original Ryan castle (Castle Waller) in Ireland.
  3. 3 Premier Ryan artifacts for sale.
  4. Availability of extra copies of our magazine for distribution to members children.
  5. Email of magazine to members
  6. Membership growth through exchange of ancestry records with members.

These items will be discussed by executive members at our meeting in Decembers 2010 and reported back to you in March 2011

Details of the Treasurers Report presented to the AGM is available to members via our periodic magazine, the Ryan Rag.